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Rich with dialogue, this class contains specific instructions on proper alignment to guide you through the series. The intention is to listen carefully to instructions and you will be able to practice without even looking at the video.

This video is a modified Hatha Yoga practice specifically for those who suffer from back injures or as a preventive tool to avoid back injuries.  This is also a perfect starting point for anyone new to yoga.  This is a slow paced class divided into five sections. 

According to health publications from Harvard Medical School,  back pain is the most common painful condition affecting four in five Americans at some point in life. I have successfully treated my back pain using yoga as a foundation for internal strength.  My own back pain was my greatest teacher.

~ Tricia Miller L.Ac.

“Have FUN! ENJOY your practice and make it your own. True health is to feel vitality within every cell of your body.  Your body will come alive with Strength and Vitality with the practice of Yoga.”

Tricia Miller L.Ac.

Section 1 
We build from the pelvic floor and lengthen the spine and set intentions for our practice.  Seated upright.

Section 2
Hip opening postures include deep stretches for hip flexors, hamstrings and the pesky periformus muscles.  All postures are in the supine position.

Section 3
Back Strengthening with focuses on key engagements from toes to abdomen. All postures are in prone position.

Section 4
Standing postures for alignment strengthens legs and gluts and includes a powerful Pranayama from Yoganandas’ Energization Exercises.

Section 5
The closing series of the practice ends with gentle twists and preparation for Savasana (Deep relaxation).

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