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Tricia Miller L.Ac.

Tricia Miller was born in the West Virginia mountains of Appalachia. She experienced many illnesses as a child, including chronic bladder inflection, chronic constipation, and difficulty sleeping. At 19, she began experiencing extreme fatigue, headaches and uncontrolled hypertension. It took a full year for a diagnosis of Systemic Lupus, which had attacked her kidneys at age 20. Her Doctor told her, “You have a fatal disease and there is no cure.”

Tricia moved to California in search of better quality health care. On her twenty-first birthday, she began hemodialysis. It was during her first treatment that she had a vision that began a miraculous healing journey that transformed her life. Living in California, she not only received a much higher quality of Western Medicine, but she also discovered alternative health care and her journey of self-discovery and true healing began. She learned that most of her health issues early in life were a direct result of living in a toxic environment surrounded by chemical and coal-burning plants in West Virginia. In addition to the SAD (Standard American Diet), junk food and toxic water created the perfect environment for dis-ease.

As a result of her health issues, Tricia was led to pursue her education at The University of Humanistic Studies, San Diego. At UHS she studied Humanistic Psychology and the Psychology of Carl Jung. She also completed the Ananda Yoga Teacher Training embracing the wisdom of Parmahansa Yogananda.

For two years, Tricia experienced the amazing benefits of acupuncture. In a vision it became crystal clear that she was destined to become a licensed acupuncturist. She transferred to California Acupuncture College, San Diego and received a degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1986. She practiced acupuncture in San Diego during the mid-80’s AIDS epidemic. Her practice was 80% HIV & AIDS patients. During that time, there were no successful treatments for HIV. Consequently, she followed many patients to their inevitable death. Tricia’s acupuncture sessions and her compassion gave those dying peace and acceptance.

In 1991, Tricia moved her acupuncture practice to Encinitas, CA, a thriving yoga community and the home of Parmahansa Yoganandas’ Meditation Gardens. At that time, she did a deep dive into all forms of yoga practice, especially Kriya Yoga, a meditative technique. Tricia says this was the first time she truly felt at home and thought she would live there forever. Then, many years later, Spirit guided her to another calling.

Drawn to Wilmington, North Carolina, by serendipity, she relocated and opened her practice in 2005. She focused her work on assisting patients with chronic pain and related structural imbalances. Using her own personal experience, she also specialized in treating autoimmune disorders. With the addition of Qigong & Medical Qigong, “the cultivation of universal life force energy,” her practice of acupuncture and cranial sacral therapy created a powerful change in her work. She successfully built a thriving acupuncture practice while teaching yoga classes at the YMCA. She is forever grateful to the connections made in her yoga classes that have deeply enriched her life. Her commitment to her patients and yoga students demonstrates unfailingly her depth of compassion, reverence and grace for humanity and all sentient beings. She firmly believes that we are primarily energetic beings interacting with each other and the planet in ways that are inseparable.

Her firm position on human and animal rights is simple: “These are issues of justice and without justice there is no peace.” Her passion is helping others change their diet for their health, the environment, and for the animals. In her spare time, she rescues and fosters cats and kittens. Tricia sees this work as a way to make a difference for the over-population of domestic and feral cats. With every adoption she says, “Made a difference for that one!”

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Tricia Miller, L.Ac.

Tricia Miller, L.Ac., provides a holistic approach that integrates acupuncture along with traditional oriental therapies; clients leave each session both energized and relaxed.

Tricia’s teaching style is an integration of many systems of yoga she has studied and practiced. These style variations are inclusive of Iyengar, Atshanga, Kripalu, Bikram, and Kriya.

Tricia prides herself in offering resources for your well being. Here you’ll find articles related to acupuncture, yoga, vegetarianism, veganism, health & fitness, and animal rights.

What Clients Say

Tricia Miller, L.Ac., provides a holistic approach that integrates acupuncture along with traditional oriental therapies; clients leave each session both energized and relaxed.

Tried a lot of accupuncturists in Forida, Asheville, Jacksonville, and Down East. None are as loving, healing, and nuturing as Tricia, that's why I drive an hour each way. No one does it like Tricia... Love U! Namaste
John Milligan
Jacksonville, NC
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